Kickstarter stuff arriving

Months and months ago I put some money behind various Kickstarter projects I thought were cool.Some of the items have started arriving via the trusty postal service:


‘This might not work’ by Seth Godin and ‘IDrawComics’ reference guide

I’ve been subscribed to Seth’s Blog for years. There are always great little pieces of motivation that hit the inbox. This mammoth book is a collection of the best of them. It’s for those days when nothing seems to be working, or you’re just not in the mood to do/create the things that matter. Always pushing, prodding and asking hard questions.

IDRAWCOMICS is a great little sketchbook and reference guide to drawing comics. I don’t plan to draw my own comic (that would be on par with asking me to manoeuvre a container ship out of a harbour-completely out of my realm of reality) but it’s a good insight into how to structure the story to make it easier for the artist to bring the vision to life.

The box the Seth Godin book came in

The box the Seth Godin book came in