Remixes & Re-Edits

I’m fairly new to the world of remixes and re-edits even though my first remix was done and released in 1999. I always wanted a really top notch little home studio and in early 2000 was well on my way with CAKEWALK, a dodgy sampler and various bits of studio gear…until I sold it with the intention of upgrading and the buyer skipped the country without paying.

Pro Tools 9 tutorials are getting a workout as I re-start my remix & re-edit excursions. I also use Sony Sound Forge for various editing.

Check out the JACK PAROW remix of AFRIKAANS IS DOOD I did for the XM 2012 special edition of Eksie Ou. The track was not chosen. It can be streamed at the Soundcloud link below.


Soundcloud – For finished remixes and re-edits

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