Rebel Alliance: Shorty Shorts!

My friend Ben Rausch invited me to do a 15 minute DJ mix for the upcoming Rebel Alliance installment. Click here for the Facebook event.

3 DJs create 3 mixes over which 3 VJs drop visuals.

From the event:

For this month’s installment of Rebel Alliance, we’re breaking away from having a live band in the Bioscope. instead, we’re proud to present to you 3 mini-sets from 3 of the ciy’s most wild VJs. Drawing inspiration from their favourite TV-shows, these VJs will each perform a 15 minute power set, soundtracked by a pre-recorded mix by a DJ friend. Prepare your optic receptors for visual bliss from my minds of:

(soundtrack by Marc Latilla)

(soundtracked by Casioheart)

(soundtracked by Sassquatch)

For the non live section of the night, we will be screening SHORTY SHORTS! This special selection of surreal/ spook/ sci-fi animations, clips, experiments and LOLs, has been hand-crafted and hand-picked by some of the finest rebels the alliance has to offer including:

Lindi Goosen, Patrick Dinneen, Awewolves, Phil Davies, Doktrine, Matt McFarlane, Stuart Coutts, Karien Goosen, PJ Kotze, Alex van Rensburg, Matt Suttner and other purveyors of fine bite-sized weirdness!

Rebel Alliance: Shorty Shorts! artwork