Old Johannesburg blog

I’ve been writing a blog on old Johannesburg for the past few years that was initially inspired by finding out the house we live in was almost 100 years old (it’s officially 100 now). I went on a mission to find a photo of the house as it was back then which led to the discovery of the rich and fascinating history of Johannesburg. This in turn led to and idea for a historically accurate graphic novel story which turned into research  into the beginnings of the city (intended for getting the facts straight and reference for the artist that will eventually draw the story).

Part of the fun is finding old books with photos and seeing how many of the buildings, houses and other landmarks still exist. Where they don’t I try to find what once was there. The journey has taken me to museum archives, numerous out-of-print books on the verbal and often left-out history and to the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation whose organisation I’ve become a member of and whose heritage tours I regularly go on. They recently changed their name from the Parktown Westcliff  Heritage Trust.

St. Mary’s College built in 1904

St. Mary’s College is one of many historic buildings still standing in Jeppe/Belgravia that I’ll be covering.

Here is the link to the latest blog. Please check it out and feel free to follow if it’s down your street.