My DJ course as a free download

Marc Latilla's free DJ Course

Marc Latilla’s free DJ Course

After spending the best part of 10 months putting a course together for an on-line college, I decided that the finished product would be more beneficial as a free download in the hands of whoever wanted it.

Learning to DJ is part practical and part theory. My course is pure theory with Youtube links to other DJs demonstrating the actual mixing techniques (I picked ones that explained and showed the techniques clearly – which mostly turned out to be a bloke in the UK who seemingly has a set-up in every room of his house).

The bulk of the course is focused on practical tips and advice on all areas of DJing, do’s & dont’s and preparation. There are parts about thinking and planning sets and events, music discovery and putting together mixtapes and DJ mixes. I took my 20 years of experience and wrote it all down in one go and then checked a bunch of popular sites and blogs on DJing over the months to make sure nothing crucial was left out. Two legendary South African DJs, Andrew Wood and Kid Fonque, also went through the course and gave it the green light.

Whether you are starting out from scratch, already playing clubs, are a radio or wedding DJ or want to do your own events and parties – there is plenty of helpful advice.

Please forgive some of the formatting issues. It never went through the official clean-up process for the course submission so there are a few glitches, blank pages and images that have been cut-off. I will fix these when I have time and update the course with any new information.

Just a few things I ask:

  • It’s free, so copy and share but don’t charge others for it.
  • Don’t alter or change it or use it as a basis for something else that will be charged for.
  • Please use my name and/or link back to this URL when quoting any of my work.
  • If you liked the course please let me know and/or follow this blog or hook up on Facebook etc. All links are in the course.
  • Let me know if the course helped and if it got some cool parties off the ground!

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