REFORM! – The next edition

It’s hard to believe this is our first REFORM! party for 2014. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that…but we’re super excited to back, so please pull through if you’re in the area.

If you’re a REFORM! virgin, check out this link for a bunch of mixes to stream (some are live from the actual nights). Look out for all the REFORM! mixes when scrolling down. The parties are well-known for their eclectic playlists where you could hear anything from Marvin Gaye to B52s to Fela Kuti to Andrew Sisters to The Black Keys and all-sorts in between. We’re big on classic soul, 60s girl groups, swinging jazz, retro radio hits and reggae.

Come to dance

REFORM! May 2014 flyer

REFORM! May 2014 flyer

It’s happening, as it always does, at Kitcheners (cnr Juta & De Beer) in Braamfontien. We start playing  at around 6pm. The first few hours are pretty chilled. At around 9pm or 10pm the dance floor is heaving and heaves right through to 4am. At 3pm, we play a little bass music for the last hour.

Here is the Facebook event link