REFORM! party time

We’re back with the next REFORM! Sound System party on Saturday 4 October 2014 at Kitcheners in Braamfontein

REFORM! Oct 2014 flyer

REFORM! Oct 2014 flyer

It’s hard to believe Charles Leonard and I started this all just  5 years ago. We originally did a monthly Thursday night slot and used only the small bar area of Kitcheners. As the night got popular we expanded into the dining room. Eventually we moved from Thursdays to Saturdays but had to settle for less nights given the demand. We’ve only hosted  3 parties in the last 12 months but each one has been a massive success – the kind of gigs one remembers forever.

Since the beginning, we’ve been very specific about what we play and where we are going. When those nights come along where everything falls into place, it’s a magical feeling. Most nights are like that. I can recall only one disastrous Thursday when absolutely no one turned up. That’s only happened to me once before in over 20 years of DJing and it’s a humbling experience…a re-think your life kinda experience.

Charles and I are not those in your face party promoters. We don’t beg, plead or spam people about our events. I even feel bad inviting people I know on FB and make up my own excuses for them as to why they probably wont come (Charles is a little more prolific than I am, especially on FB). On the quieter nights we still have a good time, play music we want to, have a few drinks and talk shit. I like to think that people have latched onto that and keep a lookout for REFORM! parties. It also helps that Kitcheners is now a pretty popular Braamfontein spot and the crowd there is just right.

The kind people at JHBlive have also helped promote our parties on their weekly newsletter.

Here’s to another 5 years of 6 decade spanning soul*funk*townshipjive*reggae*vintagedisco*sa70sradiohits*swingjazz*girlgroups*newwave*nigeria70s and similar danceable rarities you’ll hear nowhere else under the same roof.

Oh, and I found our first two flyers which were posted on our old Posterous blog way back then…I wish we could use them again and re-tell the whole story. Mind you, with this business of DJ licences, one never knows if we’ll soon receive  a visit from the secret police…

The first REFORM! flyer where all the trouble started

The first REFORM! flyer where all the trouble started

The second REFORM! flyers

The second REFORM! flyer (within a flyer)


As always, visit my mixcloud page to stream various mixes (some were recorded live on various nights). scroll down and look for the mixes starting with REFORM!