Johannesburg Then and Now

My first book has been launched and is finding its way into the stores.

JHB then & Now

Johannesburg Then and Now

Penguin approached me in late 2016 to research and write this edition of the book for them (A Cape Town version was released in 2013). The book was completed in July 2018 with all the ‘now’ photography done by my friend and photo-journalist Yeshiel Panchia.

From a music interest angle, both the ‘Three Castles Building’ (Dungeon, Tchaikovsky’s, ICON) and the ‘School of Music’ (Mandys, IDOLS, ESP) were covered in the book along with many other historic buildings and houses.

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For the next book, I’m looking into expanding the club articles I’ve already done (Heaven, Scants and The Junction) into a history of Johannesburg’s nightclubs 1940-1990.